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About Me

Hi my name is Kerry Grezl 

I have been involved in the Wellness /Fitness/Yoga Industry for over 29 years and I have taught so many beautiful souls over that time. I am trained in many modalities which align to my heart and my life, everything you see in my business has been my personal journey so my therapies, classes are re-opening and courses, programs are now coming online. I would love to share all my knowledge with you.

I remember I was sitting in my bedroom, so frozen with fear and lacking any direction or life purpose, and it occurred to me, a light bulb experience, I had to find ways to change my life and get myself back onto my path. I remember saying to myself, "I need to find out how other people who have had a worst life and managed to live an extraordinary life....but how?"


I made it my quest for me to find out how to create a life full of purpose and joy. I spent the next 29 years signing up and investing in many professional modalities that would help my life, my clients and create the business of my dreams.

We have relocated to Glen Innes, NSW, a life long dream to build our house off grid, run my business and live a healthier lifestyle away from the busy Coast.

I am presently training long term with The Coaching Institute in Melbourne to develop my Holistic Wellness  and Business Coaching skills to add new skills and tools to help women in the Glen Innes Community and globally.

Education and Certifications

Fitness Professional 1994

Yoga Instructor 2004

Reiki Master Teacher 2007

Shamanic Crystal Healer 2010

 Aust. Bush Flower Essence Adv. Practitioner 2015

 Chakradance Facilitator 2017

 Holistic Wellness Coach + Business Mentor
+ WIX Website Creator 2020

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My Philosophy

I am passionate about educating, empowering women's health. I have a vision to guide and support those who are committed to a natural lifestyle and wellbeing.

I support women to build a connection with your inner world to illuminate the directions towards a life of your dreams. Attuning ourselves to soul guidance, revealing our innate gifts and calling our ideal reality. I help soul-aligned woman discover and align with their true ~ essence and life purpose.

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